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Saturday, March 17, 2018

Steps To Earn $ 20 a Day From The Internet


No one  knows how hundreds of pioneers of visual media and websites earn hundreds of dollars a day from the Internet
With more patience and work profit is achieved
These steps are one of the ways to make money from the internet :

 First: Visit one of the online profit sites such as : vivads

 But before visiting the site at this link: We need to understand the process of the work of the site .
First : wait 5 seconds .

Second : click ocntinue to go to web site . 

After we  knew the way we go to the site link. We do the following

- Create a new account on the site

-  Enter the links of websites and make a shortcut to it through your account on the site

-  Share these links with others on the accounts of social Media or news sites

 The process of calculating the profit for you begins with the number of people who visited the link you made a shortcut to. For every 1,000 visits, your account on the website is $ 20. You can receive them daily or transfer them to your country

If you like this method, share it with others to benefit

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