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» » » » » » What does the number 241543903 mean? The head is in the freezer and who invented it.

What does the number 241543903 mean
What does the number 241543903 mean

What does the number 241543903 mean

In 2009, a phenomenon emerged among people on the web, with pictures of them being downloaded under Hashtak 241543903. It is to depict the person himself and his 
head inside the refrigerator fries. Let's get to know the story number 2415

In a strange phenomenon in the Internet when we look for the number 241543903. Tens of thousands of pictures of people show themselves and their heads in the refrigerator fries. These images created horror among the social networking 

Try typing this number 241543903 on the Google search engine and see what will appear to you.


This story began in 2009 when David Horvitz published a collection of pictures and his head inside Fris refrigerator and was accompanied by BahaĊŸtaq with the number 241543903 via his Flickr account. A few days later, pamphlets on the Templer site appeared on the same site as a social networking leader The figure asks the person who downloaded the publication from their followers to take pictures of them, and they put their heads in the freezer, with reference to them by the number "241543903". Dozens and hundreds of images have spread so dramatically on the Internet that the Internet has become a phenomenon at that time.


 When the question was asked to the artist David why he chose this number was his answer that this figure is the serial number of the refrigerator in which he put his head, and why this strange movement. He was suffering from a severe headache in his head and went to one of his friends to give him advice to put his head in the Fraser refrigerator and would relieve pain and headaches.

The secret of the number 241543903

Do you want to try it. When you feel the headache you put your head in the fridge freezer it's really weird advice.

And this is still Google search engine and the network spider hide many stories in it. The internet is full of strange things and wonders, and there is also in the dark internet, the web is bigger and more elaborate.
The Web or the oppressed Internet is a world where there is no control over many of the strange things, crimes, drug dealers and murders.
Have you tried a day and looked at the web site, search the web for a web site and you will see what is happening online

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