Hair Removal Should you use an epilator or wax
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Hair Removal Should you use an epilator or wax?

hair removal should you use an epilator or wax? Americans contribute $89.5 billion on average each year to the beauty care industry in the form of creams, waxing treatments, spa treatments, botox, and so on. Most beauty companies gain their revenue through salon treatments for women as it is a frequent occurrence. However, there have been a number of devices developed today that allow spa-treatments at the comfort of the home.When it comes to hair removal at home, there has been an ongoing rivalry between epilators and waxing. This article will break down and analyze the features of two products against six different criteria so that you can decide which one will be the winner.


The longevity of the results

When removing facial hair or any excess hair on the body, our main objective is to keep hair from growing back for as long as possible. The epilator and waxing both remove your hair directly from the roots providing you with the flawless hair removal as nothing is left behind. Since the science behind the two techniques is similar, they produce identical results.

 The results of both waxing and a high-quality epilator such as the one manufactured by Krasr could last anywhere between 2 – 4 weeks.

In terms of longevity, the results are similar. However, the epilator stands above as you can start epilating when your hair is the only ⅛ of an inch whereas to wax you would need at least ¼ of an inch of hair as the wax will not be able to get a grip on your hair.

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Epilators could vary in shape and size depending on the brand that you go for and could cost you anywhere between $10 – $200. For the sake of simplicity, let us take the average cost to around $100.Waxing is disposable like bandaids. You will need to replace the wax frequently if you wish to keep your hair growth to a minimum. Each wax replacement would cost you between $10-20 that will last you about three months if you were using at a pace of twice a month. The replacement strips and applications for waxing will come to about $25, but they will last a year. So in a year, you will need to spend roughly $80 for hard wax and $105 for soft wax. However, these costs could skyrocket when done at a salon by a professional.Epilators take the badge for cost-effectiveness as you will only need to purchase one instrument, and when maintained properly, you are set for years to come. Whereas for waxing, you will need to spend more as the years pass.


The initial process of epilation when your hair is at its longest is a painful experience. To minimize the pain, you can start by shaving your hairs and follow with epilation to ensure that the hair is removed from the roots. This way, it would be at a similar pain scale to waxing.Waxing is not as painful as epilation as it causes a lot of sensory feelings. When you wax, the brain processes additional information, such as the warmth of the wax pressing against your skin, and the quick peel-off process, which ensures that the sense of pain is not triggered much. In comparison to epilating for the first time, waxing is far less painful.

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Time required

Epilators are always ready to be used right away. If you have hairs that need to be removed, you can start epilating right away. Waxing, however, does not work the same way. You need to plan the way you wax, and you also need to give enough time to prepare your wax till it archives the desired temperature. Heating wax could take anywhere from 5 – 15 minutes, but once the wax is warmed up, an experienced waxer will remove hair just as fast as someone using an epilator.

Skill needed

Epilators are easy to use. You will remove the same amount of hair quicker with the epilator compared to waxing.Waxing has a learning curve. If you have frequently been waxing, you will be able to remove hair just as quickly as you would with an epilator, disregarding the time it would take to prepare the wax.Epilators are more beginner-friendly as they can be used efficiently from the get-go, whereas waxing needs to be learnt. 


While epilating, all you need to do is lay down a tower, and you are good to go. The tower will catch the hair that falls off which can later be disposed of. You can wax anywhere you want, and most epilators, such as facial epilator by Krasr, do not require a power source.Wax sticks to the floor and towers; thus, you will need a disposable cover of sorts, a newspaper or a paper bag will do. To prepare the wax, you will also need to be close to a heat source like a microwave or a power outlet. But do keep in mind that these are not inconveniences if you are present at home.

The Final Take-Away

The difference between waxing and epilation for hair removal comes down to personal preference. Epilators might be more comfortable for everyone to use, but some might prefer the warmth that you feel when the warm wax makes contact with your skin. Some also like to mix it up. They use wax for their body and use facial epilation for facial hair removal. Combining the two treatments is also a great way to find out what works best for you. Facial epilators are flexible, and they bed easily, thus making it best for facial hair removal as you will need to approach these hairs from certain angles. You could also use facial epilators for body and facial hair removal during your travels and rely on waxing when you are at home.Overall, both of these techniques will provide you with the flawless hair removal as they both work from the root. If you are new to hair removal, you can look into both of these hair removal treatments and stick to the one that removes your hair flawlessly.

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