How to cure dry skin on face overnight
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How to cure dry skin on face overnight

How to cure dry skin on face overnight

Dry skin first defined by sensations. The person feels dry skin because it feels uncomfortable, tense, possibly rough, and the application of a suitable product relieves it. Symptoms may eventually accompanied by itching and burning sensations.

The doctor, for his part, will judge that skin is dry (also called xerosis) on objective criteria: a dull appearance, special epidermal clinical signs of peeling, cracking, sometimes inflammation, and loss of elasticity.

Surface irregularities of the skin are all the more important as it is dry. Dry skin provides a favorable ground for the appearance of eczema, especially in the form of chromian eczematous (darts). They readily appear on the cheeks and arms of children whose skin is constitutionally dry (as part of atopic dermatitis).

In the family of dry skin, several stages can distinguished:

•           Dry skin

Transient discomfort, slight pulling, slight peeling.

•           Very dry skin

Marked discomfort and pulling, intense peeling, cracks, cracks.

•           Pre-atopic xerosis

Rough and rough skin (darts), slight irritation.

What causes skin dryness?

Healthy skin is naturally protect on the surface by the hydro-lipid film, formed mainly of water and lipids (sebum).

Waterproof, it protects the skin from external aggressions and prevents water loss.

When the upper layer of the epidermis is not balance with water and lipids, it can no longer effectively play its barrier role and becomes uncomfortable to varying degrees, as explained above.

Unlike dehydrated skin, dry or very dry skin is a chronic condition usually due to a genetic dysfunction; it is a type of skin, such as oily, mixed skin…

However, beyond innate (or constitutional) drought, there are also states of skin dryness triggered by other factors:

•  External factors

Environmental and climatic Conditions.

• Skin Pathologies and general diseases

Atopic eczema, psoriasis

Thyroid, diabetes, nutritional deficiencies…

•  Medical treatment

How to differentiate dry skin and dehydrated skin?

  1. Dry or very dry skin refers to a particular type of skin. It is a permanent condition marked by pulling on the entire face and body caused by an abnormality of the skin barrier. Thin, with tight grain and redness, the skin is in a lack of water and lipids.
  2. The phenomenon of dehydrated skin can affect all types of skin at one time or another in life. It is a reversible and transient phenomenon characterized by localized and punctual pulling, due to poor fixation and loss of water. Uncomfortable, rough, sometimes with dander, the skin lacks water only. Learn more about dehydrated skin.

Who is concerned?

Some people are born with dry skin that is part of their genetic heritage.

It should also be understand that depending on age, the skin changes: the skin is drier in the child (except in the newborn but the loss of water is greater at this age), it becomes fatter in adolescence, becomes drier again in mature age (the sebaceous and sweat glands become less functional).

Natural skin aging causes a thinning of the epidermis by decreasing the renewal of its cells and the stratum corneum thickens.

How to cure dry skin on face overnight
How to cure dry skin on face overnight

How to cure dry skin on face overnight , What should I do?


Persistent discomfort should lead you to consult your dermatologist who will diagnose dry or dehydrated skin.

If a skin becomes dry sharply and sharply, it is worth asking the question of the triggering factor:

• A change in the environment (work in a different atmosphere, activity drying the skin like swimming pool baths.

• an aggressive soap or shower gel used after sports).

•An internal disease.

• Drug treatment(anti-cholesterol…).

If there is a responsible factor, it should be correct as far as possible.

2. Daily

In addition to the discomfort provided, dry skin promotes the penetration of irritating or allergenic agents.

It also promotes the appearance or perpetuation of certain pathologies (eczema, psoriasis).

In this sense, it justifies being rehydrate. It is appropriate in the first place to drink enough.

On the other hand, in any case, it is necessary to choose non-aggressive hygiene and care products for the skin:

Non-detergent toiletries and, if necessary, rehydrating products (depending on the area and degree of dryness in the form of milks, creams, balms, ointments, oils).

The whole thing is to reduce the evaporation of water and maintain it in sufficient quantity in the epidermis, but also to repair the altered skin barrier.

Avoid overheated and confined spaces in apartments.

Try to drink 1.5 liters of water per day (unless there is a medical contraindication).

How to cure dry skin on face overnight

3. Hygiene

• Wash your face 1-2 times a day with a mild cleanser that does not alter the skin barrier.

• Dry your skin with delicate tampons without rubbing.

4. Care

Morning and evening, after the toilet, gently apply moisturizing and emollient care to calm the pulling sensations and protect the skin from external aggressions.

Think about how to properly nourish the skin of the face and body with proper care.

How does the regulation of water in the skin work?

Skin hydro regulation

The skin consists of 70% water. Almost 75% is located deep in the dermis where water plays an important role in the resistance of the skin.

Hydration of the epidermis results from the intervention of two elements:

• Static water, fixed.

• Dynamic water, which circulates.

Water Regulation allows the balance between these two aqueous components, the only guarantee of the physical and functional integrity of the skin. Water regulation involves three main factors: NMF (Natural Moisturizing Factors), stratum corneum lipids and aquaporin’s.

Factors of Water Regulation, NMF (natural factors of hydration)

NMF are molecules capable of fixing water within the stratum corneum, they are say to be moistening.

The best-known MFN are urea and lactic acid. Other substances, used in cosmetics, have the same properties, such as glycerin and xylitol.

The barrier role of skin and water

The stratum corneum consists of cells that no longer have nuclei “cemented” by lipids called intercorneocytic lipids.

The quantity and quality of these lipids are necessary for the integrity of the stratum corneum and therefore for its “barrier “function.

When they fail or deteriorate, the cohesion of the cells is no longer ensure.

This results in an increase in the phenomenon of perspiration, also called insensitive loss of water (PIE, permanent, light and natural evaporation of water present in the body).

A well-hydrated skin must be able to keep its water, hence the importance of intercorneocytic lipids.

How to cure dry skin on face overnight

What are aquaporins using?

Aquaporins are the channels inside which water circulates in the epidermis.

These proteins are produce by keratinocytes (cells of the epidermis) and inserted into their membrane to allow the passage of water molecules.

This circulation is indispensable to the skin. Indeed, the epidermis is not vascularized.

All the elements necessary for cell life (mineral salts, vitamins, nutrients…) that are carry by the blood to the dermis reach all the surface layers of the skin thanks to aquaporins.

Without aquaporins, the epidermis could not “feed” itself.

How to cure dry skin on face overnight

How to tell the difference between dehydrated skin and dry skin?

« « Dehydrated skin is always a transient and reversible condition with proper care. » »

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