Top 10 Fashion Blogs To Read in 2020

Top 10 Fashion Blogs To Read In 2020

Top 10 Fashion Blogs To Read in 2020,  Stylish bows, vibrant lifestyle, laconic posts, colorful content, tomorrow’s trends, and a positive presentation – you will see all this and much more in your news feed if you follow the influencers who are in our collection today.

1- Cmcoving

            Caitlin Covington began blogging as a student, and at 25 became popular on Instagram and Pinterest. Initially, the girl wanted to write for magazines, blogging was just entertainment. At some point, the blog began to take up too much time and the girl had to choose between blogging and the profession of a dream. According to Caitlin, at that moment she took a chance and decided to engage in a blog professionally, devoting it a full-time job. Now Caitlin is 27 years old, she maintains a successful Southern Curls & Pearls blog, and 962 thousand followers follow her on Instagram. Covington writes about fashion and travel, less often about interior trends and beauty. Caitlin presents fashion trends through the prism of her style. @cmcoving is a blogger who motivates to take care of oneself carefully, travel and dress spectacularly – to live beautifully and not to learn photoshop.

2- lyss

            Alyssa Bossio lives in New York. When the girl was 18 years old, she began to blog Now Alissa is 25 and, in addition to the popular blog, she has an Instagram account, which has grown to 1.8 million subscribers. Initially, the girl who dreamed of becoming a teacher was not indifferent to reading and writing texts, which, inspired her to create a blog. According to Alissa, her main goal is to make people happier by instilling in them the understanding that self-love and acceptance of one’s body is the only key to happiness. The girl shares useful recipes, talks about fitness and travels and explains why it is important to focus on health. In order not to keep track of dozens of travel blogs, simply subscribe to @lyss. It will inspire you to the most successful and cool pictures while traveling, a healthy lifestyle and positive thinking.

3- Izkiz

            Jennifer Tuffen from childhood studied the religion and culture of different countries. Now the girl travels a lot and talks about it on the blog and Insta @izkiz, which is tracked by 2.7 million subscribers. Digital-star admitted that she usually takes pictures on the Nikon d750 and iPhone, and edits photos in Light room, Photoshop and her author izkiz Cam application. Jennifer writes about travels, hotels, and lifestyle and, of course, beauty favorites. Tuffen is so popular in the world of tourism that she is invited to visit cities for their popularization. The main feature of the Tuffen blog is a vibrant and energetic presentation. Tired of taupe blogs? @izkiz is an eye candy!

Top 10 Fashion Blogs To Read In 2020

4- Janinewiggert

            Janine Wiggert is 26 years old, she is the mother of twins and a blogger, followed by 819 thousand followers. Janine studied at the University of Kassel, in Germany, when she started uploading photos on Instagram and showing off her stylish looks. Well-known brands noticed the girl and began to offer cooperation. Janine watched her figure before the birth of children and is doing it now. She often shares the secrets of harmony, talks about her diet and exercises. Also, the girl is literally in love with fashion! She teaches subscribers to be stylish and well-groomed even on maternity leave. If you are a young mother, are planning or are afraid to become one, pay attention to @janinewiggert.

5- Champagneandchanel

            Emily Herren was born in Katy, Texas. Fashion has always been a way of expression for a girl. “Makeup and beautiful clothes help you look better and feel more confident,” writes Emily. Unfortunately, initially, it was not always understood. Therefore, the girl created the blog Champagne and Chanel, in which she reveals her style and shows how fashion can change the life of every girl. Insta – account of Emily is followed by 703 thousand subscribers. If you spend little time with friends or rarely make yourself happy with new dresses and sandals, – subscribe to @champagneandchanel, she will wake up your conscience!

6- Meowmeix

            Amanda is 28 years old; she was born in Ohio. On the pages of the blog, the blogger said that she was originally a “normal” girl, confused in various myths and misconceptions about fitness, nutrition, and health in general. Even at school, Amanda had to deal with complex disease – the girl was diagnosed with an eating disorder. Then Amanda realized that to be healthy does not mean to starve, on the contrary, health lies in proper nutrition. It was the disease and recovery that prompted the girl not only to eat right but also to help other people avoid such mistakes in nutrition and sports. So the blog and the microblog on Insta @meowmeix were born, as well as the Mealplan: Meal Prep Made Easy application. Amanda draws up nutrition plans, sharing recipes, secrets and life hacks. She encourages followers to improve their lives – to make them cleaner, healthier and more energetic. 1.2 million subscribers – the best proof that Amanda is not in vain trying! You are not following @meowmeix yet? This is a minus to your karma. What is, in what form and quantity, will be taught by the nutrition guru – nutritionist Amanda.

7- Shortstoriesandskirts

            “To be a mother, to remain a woman” is the motto of the German blogger and stylist Fusun Linder. Fusun 41 years old, she has a daughter and a son. In her blog, the girl writes about family, fashion, beauty, and lifestyle. Now Insta-star has 385 thousand followers. By the way, the fashion blog Short stories & skirts were founded in 2012 and are now actively developing. Fusun likes to surround herself with beautiful things. “Fashion, Beauty, People, and Lifestyle are not just rubrics from fashion gloss. For me, it is a lot more. It is a source of inspiration and femininity, it is a search, loss and a new rebirth of oneself. This is the meaning of my life, “the girl writes. If fashion is your religion, you must follow @shortstoriesandskirts. Her blog has the most important thing: new trends in the most unexpected interpretations, great taste, strong goal, and deep meaning

8- Amandabisk

            Amanda 33, she is a track and field coach, qualified yoga teacher, creator of fresh body fit mind and teaching aids. Eight years ago, the girl was diagnosed with chronic fatigue, which was a heavy blow for the athlete. Then Amanda had to radically change her life – starting from nutrition and training, ending with thinking and hobbies. The girl stopped loving neither sport nor life. On the contrary! In her blog, which has 722 thousand followers, she teaches us to value what we have. Amanda believes that a healthy lifestyle and sport help to recover better than any pills. When you look at the @amandabisk photo, you fall in love with sports. Check it yourself!

9- Juliahenge

            Julia started blogging in 2011 when she was in college. Now the girl travels a lot with her husband Thomas. On her blog, Gal Meets Glam ( talks about everything that inspires her, from fashion and beauty to countries and events. Julia is now 28 years old, she is a famous and influential influencer in the fashion industry. Today, Instagram girls have grown to 1.2 million followers. @juliahengel always shows exclusively feminine outfits, her style is gentle and airy!

10- Rocky_barnes

Rocky Barnes is 33 years old, she is a model and blogger from California. 1.6 million Followers are following the girl’s updates on Insta. In his microblog, Rocky talks about fitness, fashion, and travel. The model starred in the clip “Boyfriend” – a video work by Justin Bieber. @rocky_barnes will teach you to pose! The devil is in the details: if you pay attention to Rocky’s poses, outfits, and locations, you will one day become a digital-star.
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